The space is the Earth!

Mt. Baker

Our 5 billion year old Earth has survived dramatic and phenomenal compositions or changes in atmospheric variations, geological forms, instable climates and diversification of species throughout history.

But no single, mass bio-species on Earth except the Homo sapiens (humans) has ever impacted negatively the course of nature on Earth.

It is not about saving Planet Earth.  We need to change to save humans and all other species living on beautiful planet – Earth.  The space is the Earth!

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Web of Life


2,800 microbe species on Mt. Bachelor (2011)

crossing Pacific ocean to North America atmosphere.


Ferns first evolved in the Carboniferous Period (360 mya),

with current species in Cretaceous Period (145 mya).


Forest of Cypress mountain


Crustacean – Crab and Barnacles in Water

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United Nations declared 2010-2020 as the Decade of Biodiversity

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Earth intrinsic values and elements


Every organism on Earth has its intrinsic values – priceless!

The equilibrium state of life on our planet is based on

the biodiversity of the Earth’s dynamic system.

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