Sponsorships & Collaborations

To accomplish our vision and mission, our organization and its affiliates are applying for grants in both private and quasi government sectors.  We are seeking donations and sponsorships from individuals, foundations and corporations.  We welcome  collaborations, affiliations and endorsements from NGO’s, quasi and others.

We appreciate ongoing support and collaborations from organizations like Strathcona Community Centre, Vancouver Urban Ministry, Shaw Cable and others.

We serve three categories: children, youth and young people in the community.  Our goal is to advance education – to be a ‘catalyst’ between the university-college students or graduates and the school children  (elementary and secondary).  We are engaged with NGO’s, professionals, corporations and quasi organizations in expanding our Environment – Biodiversity for Earth program both locally and internationally.

We hope to instil in young people the significance of Biodiversity for Earth.  They in turn are inspired to guide/teach young children and youth about Biodiversity program – fun, creative, concrete, practical, recreational, etc.    University-college graduates or students could also participate in designing and implementing creative, scientific and fun curriculums or games on Biodiversity (interdisciplinary).

As one graduate student said “By teaching and engaging children in Biodiversity, we are enriched in experience, knowledge and understanding”.


“Liberty begins with simplicity” (LK)


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