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Build your knowledge on Biodiversity for Earth by creating your own website.  We love  to assist you in creating a wonderful personal website on Biodiversity on Earth.   As you explore and love nature,  your knowledge of the environment – biodiversity grows.  This knowledge can be expanded in your own Biodiversity website.  It is a great rewarding feeling to be proactive in Biodiversity in your community!

Preference:  Completed “Explore and Love Nature” (Biodiversity) program.

Our email is: for enquiry and appointment.


We welcome volunteers to assist children in creating a website on Biodiversity for Earth!  Contact us via email: if you are interesting in volunteering.

Explore and Love Nature (Biodivesity for Earth)

Summer program 2014  –  Strathcona Community Centre (see below).   

Please see   –  in progress

Sponsor a Bio-child!

Explore the world of Biodiversity in Earth’s spheres!  Create your own book or website* on Biodiversity.  Learn about the cycles of water, marine ecosystems dependent on plankton, plants and bees (pollinators) ecosystems, endangered species and others.  Fun, interesting and tactile Bio-Activities (Science).  Enjoy a field trip to UBC Biodiversity museum for older children and other interesting places.  Learn to be proactive in Biodiversity in your own community!

Duration:  5-week in July and August

Groups:  children ages 5 to 12

Group 1: ages 5-8, Group 2: ages 9-12

Special Needs children:  1 per group (Assistant required)

Fee:      $50 + registration

Email:  for further information.

For registration and enquiry, please contact:

Strathcona Community Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

Tel: 604 713 1838 or 713 1851 (Ron)

Program Outline:  Explore and Love Nature
Week 1:  Introduction to Biodiversity, Eco-systems & Earth spheres
Week 2:  Explore Eco-systems at Stanley Park – Beach and Lost lagoon
Week 3:  Visit Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Week 4:  Trip to Ecosystem – watershed, farm or mountain
Week 5:  Website and Biodiverstiy – reflections and impressions




It was a good experience and enjoyment for children who attended the Biodiversity Summer camp.

We wish to thank the following sponsors, donors, collaborating organizations, volunteers and parents for our Summer Biodiversity program:

Strathcona Community Centre

Vancity Credit Union

Urban Fare Olympic Village

Shaw Cable

UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Vancouver Urban Ministry

Volunteers and Parents




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